"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love."
Mother Teresa

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Week In Pictures

I love this time of the summer.  Lake Michigan is warming up enough to swim if you're a hardy soul (the water was 64°F). The lillies are blooming and my pots of impatiens are filled out and lush.  You can even go out in the evening without a sweater or jacket (sometimes anyway).  Tonight it is still 70°F at 10 pm.

....and sometimes mother nature leaves you a surprise in your yard.  The color of robin's eggs is my favorite color.  This nest was abandoned.  

We went to the park again this week.  A walk along the pier brought another little surprise....a young otter sunning on the rocks.  He seemed very unconcerned that we were there.  The girls were excited and thought we should take him home!  A lesson in why wild animals should be allowed to be wild ensued.

There was time for making friends at the playground

We went to the weekly community concert.  The weather was perfect.  The music was billed as Great Lakes music.  We weren't quite sure what that was.  The only song I really know is the one about the sinking of the Edmond Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot.  They did songs that were about the Great Lakes....interspersed with Great Lakes lore.  Stories about a ghost, Diana of the Dunes....stories of ship wrecks....and facts about the Great Lakes.  It was quite interesting.  There are several hundred ship wrecks in the Great Lakes that have not yet been found.  

I finished the simple little top that gave me so much trouble.  I think it looks fine with 2 buttons.  I still don't know how I missed putting in the middle buttonhole.  Those are not the buttons I am going to use.  I set them there just to see how the buttons will look.   It still needs to be blocked and a couple ends woven in.  

Today was a perfect day for the beach.  It was a day for cousins to bond and be silly eating blueberries at the waters edge.  

I wish I could bottle these days and save them for my granddaughters.  But we are making memories.  I never really knew any of my grandparents.  I have a couple very vague memories.  I hope these little girls will have lots of Nana and Bapa memories.

I hope your week is sunny and you are making some good memories.

Til next time,


  1. What a fun post tonight Marilyn. Gosh, your lake is cold! Our little one is in the 80's and very pleasant swimming even though I can't get in yet. I have to heal up more before getting lake water on the incision. You are very blessed to have your grand girls there. How precious it is for them to spend time with you and vice versa. I remember summers with my Grandma. It was so special and she taught me to love crochet. Your little sweater turned out perfectly. I want to make a few more too. I've made two and enjoyed them, although I like your yarn choice better than mine. :-)

    Enjoy these precious summer days!

  2. I was making great memories with my grandkids on Lake Champlain this past week. I just commented to someone else that this time is so precious. My grands are 14 and 8 already and I don't know how it happens so fast.

    The knitting is finished! (almost) It looks so pretty. Will it go to one of those young ladies on the beach?

  3. Ah I remember thinking Lake Michigan was swim-able at 64 degrees. It looks so beautiful. I went in our pool this week with Little Buddy and due to the rain it was 84 degrees, we froze!

  4. I love the Lake Michigan swimming in Aug and Sept here. Your sweater is sooooo great. I love those buttons actually. I think I'd use them!
    The kids are so darn cute. Love your post

  5. The little top is lovely and 2 buttons is just fine. Our weather is very poor for summer. Temperatures down to about 11C and constant rain.

  6. that is such a perfect photo of the two girls. I love that little top you made, the buttons are so perfect for it.

  7. Lots of memories for me in your post as I grew up near Lake Michigan. Great photos! Love that sweater; I tried my hand at enlarging the pattern to fit an almost 8 year old. Lots of stockinette to go. It's a great pattern! Thanks so much for the link.