"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love."
Mother Teresa

Sunday, July 19, 2015

I think I'll just stay in bed today...

The last 2 days haven't been great.  This is the story...

Friday I left Hubby home with 2 granddaughters while I went to get my hair cut.  By the time I returned Hubby should have been taking them home.  Instead I walked in to find a vacuum cleaner salesman in the middle of my living room with his stuff spread all over.  Now, we have had experience with this company before and they have a reputation for very high pressure sales.  I immediately said "I am not buying a vacuum cleaner...please pack up your stuff and go".  Then I realized he had no vehicle.  He said he had to wait for his ride.  Another ploy to stay in your house and continue the sales pitch?   
And Hubby said...."I told him we won't buy one.  He gets points for doing the demo".  That's where I lost my nice midwestern girl politeness.  I screeched that I didn't want a demo, I wanted him out of my house now!  I was so angry I was shaking.  He did pack up and leave and took his stuff to the end of the driveway to wait for his ride.  When his ride came that's when it got weird.  He loaded his stuff into the van and got in.  But...another guy got out and started walking down the road.  He wasn't carrying anything.  What was he doing?  I live in a fairly rural area.  There is nothing commercial to walk to.  I immediately wondered if he was casing the neighborhood or something sinister.  Maybe I watch too many crime shows on TV.  Maybe they just gave him a ride.
My hubby is a good guy and he wanted to help this kid out, but 5 or 6 years ago we had the same company stop and it was hours before we got them out.  But beyond that....these are strangers.  Are they trustworthy?  Are they going to come back later and rob us?   I think he was crazy to let the guy in.  I felt just a little on edge the rest of the evening.  Where did the guy who got out of the van go?

Saturday started out as a nice day.  I went to knitting club and had a lovely visit.  Then we met my daughter and 6 y/o granddaughter at a Chinese restaurant for dinner before we headed to a local professional soccer game.  As we were walking along the sidewalk I managed to step right on the edge of the cement and rolled my ankle and fell.  My immediate pain was my little finger on my right hand.  I must have used that hand to try to catch myself.  My ankle didn't really hurt at first.
So we walked around to the side of the field and got settled in our lawn chairs.  There are some bleachers on the other side (they use a high school field for games) but we prefer sitting along the sidelines.  Then it started to rain....and rain harder.  Then just as the game was to start there was loud thunder and they delayed the game for an hour.  At this point my ankle was throbbing a little.  Yikes! It hurt limping back to the car.  So I was taken home and then everyone else went back to the game.
I didn't care much about the game at that point anyway.  So I crawled into bed and iced my ankle and watched a rerun of Criminal Minds.  I think I will just stay right here.

Hope your weekend is better than mine.

Til next time,


  1. Oh Marilyn! What a wild weekend. I would have felt the same way about the vacuum salesman. And that's what is sad. I used to trust everyone. I dislike this new "normal" where we have to wonder about everyone.

    I'm also sorry about your foot and hand and sorry you didn't get to see the game. A nice weekend in bed sounds rather nice though. :-). I hope the new week is better for you.

    1. I absolutely agree with Betsy, I dislike this new "normal" too ! I used to be so trusting and naive but no more and I hate having to be suspicious, I miss my old clean, fresh soul .. Take good care of yourself, Marilyn. I always say that these annoying things happen to remind us that nothing really really dreadful is touching us ! xxx

  2. Oh boy what a weekend! I sure hope your ankle is healing up quickly. Glad you got ice on it and are resting. Not sure about those vacuum salesman, that is very strange.

  3. Oh dear, what an awful thing to happen to your ankle. I hope it gets better soon. I wouldn't let anyone in my house to do a sales demo for anything.

  4. I hope your ankle is better. Strange how a slight mistep can cause such havoc.
    That is so strange about the vacuum guy and the other guy getting out of the van. I'd be very wierded out. We don't even lock our doors. We live at the end of a road and sometimes I think we're too trusting that nothing can happen.
    I hope it was all just a weird coincidence.

  5. Oh, dear. Some days can like that...but a weekend, that's too much.

  6. oh my. . I wouldn't trust those salesman ONE bit. I think you did the right thing!
    IN this day and age no one needs to sell door to door. Im so sorry you rolled your ankle. Here's to an improving week!

  7. Hope your week has been much better than your weekend. Glad you dispatched the salesman; I don't like that kind of high pressure either, in person or on the phone.