"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love."
Mother Teresa

Sunday, March 29, 2015

10 Things I Don't Do Anymore

Since I have reached the wise and mature age of sixty-something I have come to realize that there are some areas of life that are best avoided.  This is basically for my own comfort and health.....but some of them just aren't fun anymore.

1.  Ride roller coasters....I used to love roller coasters but I prefer to avoid the palpitations a ride could cause for my rather touchy ticker.  Merry-Go-Round and Ferris Wheel are a better bet.

2.  Wear mascara....I have always liked my eyes.  They are sort of blue-green.  I wore eye make-up daily until after cataract surgery.  Now it just seems irritating and I have to use drops for dry eyes.  It just doesn't work for me anymore.

3. Wear high heels....What can I say, I have my Grandma's feet.  

4.  Wear a 2 piece bathing suit....I think this is self-explanatory

5. Wear shorts.....I also have my Grandma's legs 

6.  Stay up all night....I should clarify.  I mean stay up all night for fun.  Remember those days?  It stopped being fun by the time my son was born.  He seemed to think it was a fine way to spend the night though.

7.  Roller skate....I think you can figure this one out (no time for a broken hip).

8.  Go barefoot outside ( the beach doesn't count).....Again,  my Grandma's feet need her orthotics.

9.  Watch CNN....Isn't it depressing to hear such horrible news day after day?  I can't stand it.  Coverage of a big event goes on and on.....it's just too much for me.
10.  Sit on the floor....I am still capable of sitting on the floor, and I can still get myself up, but a sofa chair is much more comfortable.

When I turned 50 I didn't believe I would become so "mature," shall we say.  And somehow it all crept up on me despite my efforts.  I've made peace with getting older.  I'm still working on getting thinner.

Til next time

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  1. Getting older beats the alternative, doesn't it? Are you on Bloglovin"? That makes following new posts so much easier.