"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love."
Mother Teresa

Friday, May 15, 2015

Knitting Mojo

I think I am getting my knitting mojo back.  I lost it a couple weeks ago and I think spring fever threw me off.  Today it is cool and damp....a perfect knitting day.

I have been knitting some easy baby tops for charity called the all-in-one baby top by Mariana Mel.  Isn't it sweet?  It goes very quickly, knit from the top down.  You can find the pattern on Ravelry HERE.

I had a sudden urge to crochet some placemats for the kitchen table a few weeks ago.  I found Sugar & Cream cotton in the perfect colors.

I wasn't liking the way the colors are pooling though.  So I tried knitting instead.  It looks a little different.

I don't think I like the knitted one any better.   Opinions please!  Which do you like better?  I do like the texture of the crochet for placemats.

I also have a shawl on the needles.  It is the Time Turner Shawl, also found on Ravelry HERE.   Right now it's in time-out.  I am going to have to frog some of it, and I think I am just about ready to do that.  I will have to post some pictures soon.

Have a great weekend!

Til next time,


  1. six of one and half a dozen of the other with the dishcloths. Love the little knitted top. Not sure I am at that stage yet with my knitting to do that sort of thing though?

    1. I think you could do the top if you have a little bit of support when it comes to the arm openings. Let me know if you try it.

  2. Thanks to you, I'm making a toddler size of that top. It's very cute, but do you think it runs a little large? Pooling doesn't bother me; I think it's kind of interesting. Nice shawl pattern! I've got a pair of socks that should be in Time Out.....

    1. I haven't made the top in toddler size.....I think the newborn size is about right. I always figure for kids if it comes out a little big it will fit eventually!

  3. I think I may try that top in toddler size for my granddaughter too. It's really cute and I'll probably make some baby ones for charity too. I make lots of the top down "5 hour baby sweaters" for the different groups I knit for.
    I think the pooling looks very nice. The crochet and knit ones are a bit different from each other, but I like both. :-)
    I also saved the shawl pattern in my Ravelry library. It's a pretty one too.
    Right now I'm working on crocheting borders around some flannel baby blankets. It's time consuming but gives a nice finished look.

  4. I like the crochet one much better. Your work looks so regular, mine is awful; that baby top looks great and what a great idea to knit for charity, you'll make a mum very pleased ! xx